I believe among existing blogger friends that knows even often read articles about "how to install Blackberry applications are offline?" but what's the harm if I repeated the article that often loaded by other blogs. Ok just this the way:

  1. You download / download the first file you want examples of themes for the Blackberry then after you download or download the application if the applications are still in the form of RAR or ZIP fileis worth friend first extract the file so that it appears in the form of a folder containing COD and JAD files. blogger friends only then move to the memory card and select the target folder, eg Blackberry -----> Document.
  2. In Hendleheld / Blackberry you select the menu, select Files Application ----- >> ------ >> ----- >> Media files folder card ------>> I take the example in the Blackberry folder ----- >> I take the example again and I keep it in the menu document fille ----- >> select application, go to -----> > select files with extension JAD ------ >> loading a few seconds and then click on the download button.
    can be seen in the picture below.

  •  First----------->>
  • second------->>
  • Third ------->>
  • Fourth ------>>
  • Fifth -------->>
  • Sixth -------->>
  • And Last --->>
Use wisely your hendelheld Device memory. because it can make your Blackberry into slow.

That's all for this time post, Hopefully useful.

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sorry for my bad english

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