is DM? DM stands for "Desktop Manager" Desktop Manager is used for various purposes hendelheld sync your Blackberry. such as photos, music,
and even your blackberry contacts.
With Desktop Manager you can update the software directly, but need to remember to update the software make sure you have an internet connection, similarly with the Desktop Manager, you can install third-party applications to your Blackberry with ALX file extension.

You can also download this software HERE


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What is COD,ALX and JAD?

Although considered that the blackberry currently has less attractive, but that does not mean knowledge of blackberry can not be searched. so what harm me discuss a little about hendleheld this one. ok we just to the point.

Is the core file of the program / ​​application that will be installed into our Blackberry. This file is comprised of a reply in the zip file or compressed into a single file.
Then the files and JAD ALX is a script file type of installation, the installation method is required by the application. Whether offline or OTA.

This file is used when we install the application via Desktop Manager. We need to copy this file to a PC first and then install.

Installation is straightforward manner OTA. So to understand any applications that we install, the files that role is, the following:
1). COD + JAD> installed via OTA.
2). COD + ALX> install via DM.

Files. JAD can be installed offline as well. With the way the file. JAD and. CoD copied in one folder on the BlackBerry. Then we "Run" the file. can be read in article HOW TO INSTALL APPLICATION FOR BLACKBERRY OFFLINE (OFFLINE INSTALLER)

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I believe among existing blogger friends that knows even often read articles about "how to install Blackberry applications are offline?" but what's the harm if I repeated the article that often loaded by other blogs. Ok just this the way:

  1. You download / download the first file you want examples of themes for the Blackberry then after you download or download the application if the applications are still in the form of RAR or ZIP fileis worth friend first extract the file so that it appears in the form of a folder containing COD and JAD files. blogger friends only then move to the memory card and select the target folder, eg Blackberry -----> Document.
  2. In Hendleheld / Blackberry you select the menu, select Files Application ----- >> ------ >> ----- >> Media files folder card ------>> I take the example in the Blackberry folder ----- >> I take the example again and I keep it in the menu document fille ----- >> select application, go to -----> > select files with extension JAD ------ >> loading a few seconds and then click on the download button.
    can be seen in the picture below.

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