Ok for this post,there are a few tips for you maybe this is not a new thing for you, but what's the harm to remind and probably between you are also existing who do not know, ..

Ok just go ahead
First download skin winamp format wal (winamp extension) can be downloaded at:
Here Winamp Skin

Second after the open files that have been downloaded earlier, remember "before you go to the step you do not open winamp" after that, at the time of opening the file will find notif as below:

If you are sure you want to change the skin you just click "YES", .. !! file its own I have tried pretty satisfactory result, as long as you can choose a skin that matches your tastes, .. !! 
well this is an example of my skin that have been installed
in fact there are features that can be displayed in addition to the above picture, playlists, and equalizernya still be displayed as well, ..

Success always be for today, ..

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